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Proudly Brazilian, powerfully global: know the plans for expansion

Feb 7, 2021 | STRATEGY

In 1998, while the Brazilian national football team tried to win the World Cup for the fifth time, we began our new match in the national market: Ativy was finally born.

Although inside the playing field the eleven athletes could not celebrate the victory, the result was very different for the team lead by Tiago Garbim and Daniel Amato: right off the bat, we had a smashing victory.The score always reflected a synergistic mixture of well-aligned purpose and players engaged with a common goal.

Now, more than one decade after the starting whistle, we find ourselves in a situation that resembles the one lived by the 98 national team: on the brink of winning the world. However, there is an essential difference between both situations ─ something that strengthens, honors, and drives us. This is not about beating an opponent to rubber-stamp our victory, but to join forces to, together, positively impact the lives of people and businesses. In Brazil and abroad.

In practice, Ativy’s internationalization was very natural. Still in 2019, we were present in global SAP events, planting the seeds that, since then, have yield delicious fruits. In the beginning of 2020, Ativy’s innovative mindset, both sweet and powerful, crossed borders when the finally and officially arrived in Mexico.

Success was immediate. Even before we could foresee, the powerful meeting of a technologically -deprived market with the high capillarity of Latin actions lead to a wide informal expansion. Our could solutions arrived, almost simultaneously, in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Moreover: all countries in Latin America, without exception, are under our radar and within our reach.

Ativy’s disruptive initiatives shall reach the Old World in the second semester of 2021. In Europe, an exclusive business and service model ─ equivalent to our game plan, from the lineup to the rehearsed plays ─ is already under development. The time to enter the playing field in Spain, Turkey, and Portugal is arriving.

Some crucial matches are scheduled for the next few months. The mission of taking our culture and solutions to all corners of the world is, without a doubt, challenging and exciting. We are prepared to, in the next 90 minutes (and beyond), expand the Ativy way of innovating: proudly Brazilian and powerfully global.