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Humanize companies to empower people: understanding the philosophy of Tiago Garbim and Daniel Amato

Apr 23, 2021 | CULTURE

Making the world a better place! How many times have you heard this sentence? Perhaps, when you hear it, you remember someone you admire or evensome Nobel Peace Prize winner. But what if this transformation is in our own hands? Understanding your mission in life changes everything. It even changes the world! And this is what Tiago Garbim and Daniel Amato believe in, as they share the same cause: making the world into a better place not only by means of technology, but mainly by means of people.
Over the years, they understood that, to empower people and make them able to change the world we live in, we have humanize the companies. But how can we do this? By means of technologies that bring human beings together and make their lives better.

Focus on people
When they founded their first company, in the end of the 90s, they realized that, to really reach a better world, offering cutting edge technology wouldn’t be enough; it would be only a mean to such an accomplishment.
It was time to go beyond and look to the individuals. “I use to say that people are our cause, and also our only solution”, says Tiago Garbim, current CEO of Ativy.

Transforming the lives of people by means of technology became the dream of the partners. But more than that, it became the purpose that guides their lives. After all, technology empowers people, and these people, who are an essential part of the companies, do change the world.

“Many still believe that the companies are only the walls, the computers, or a well-prepared logo. There are people that still get shocked when we say that none of this matters if we don’t have the people. They are the ones who give life to the business”, sums up Daniel Amato, who is currently the VP for Americas.

Facing adversities
Changing the world is not an easy or simple task! The partners have already faced a lot of resistance regarding the cause they fight for. They even heard comments about how much this ideal could be utopian. But, despite the disbelief of a few, they never gave up and kept striving to spread and amplify the idea. After all, humanizing companies and empowering people translates who they are and how they wish to change the world.

“We faced some very challenging times in our journey. Decisions, letting go, disappointments, joy with small wins, resilience, will to win, and sometimes, to disappear. A journey that many times was lonely and silent. It is a challenge! But it is also incredible, especially for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of so many people”, confesses Garbim.

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If technology can impact the day-to-day of business and individuals, why not start internally? “Today, we have an aligned, disruptive team, fully committed to the development of companies and people by means of our technology. This is our specific mission, the reason for developing solutions — and not only products”, proposes Garbim.

Amato and him have committed themselves personally to adopt a more humane attitude at Ativy; after all, they know that all employees, regardless of the hierarchic level or function, bring along stories, dreams, families and, in common, also share the belief that offering technological solutions is not enough if they don’t bring people together, don’t make the relationships more humane or do not promote a balance between our professional and personal lives.

Strong relationships
For both, the greater acknowledgment is not in closing big deals or the large figures, but in each conversation they hear “I was able to be closer to my clients and they are even more satisfied” or “the quality of life of my employees improved and they are happier.”

It is when they have the confirmation that they were able to achieve their goal of transforming the world by means of the technological solutions they develop, that they impacted the lives of those people, they helped strengthen relationships. That the daily efforts of their whole lives was worth it!

“We are not focused on bringing people together just because we are living a pandemic or because, at the moment, this could be profitable. No! We would never put the box office in front of the show! We already strived to strengthen relationships before and are still going to dedicate to that after thing go back to normal, because this is our DNA”, explains Daniel Amato.

That is why Garbim and Amato strive so that Ativy is always a technology ecosystem with a single : “humanize companies to empower people.” And, thus, company by company, person by person, all human beings that get close to another by means of the technology developed here can join them in a chain that helps making the world a better place every day.